Citrus Companies Service


At Fruitchain we offer specialized services designed specifically for European companies. Our multidisciplinary team stands out for its ability to adapt to the unique needs of each client, working in a flexible and coordinated manner with its internal teams. We are committed to offering personalized solutions that ensure excellence and satisfaction in each project.


Harvest gauges in the field: Volume estimation, size distribution and quality identification

We estimate crops in the field using techniques based on the expertise of our professionals, enhancing our services with the use of artificial intelligence. This allows us to provide highly accurate data on the volume of fruit on the tree, the distribution of its sizes and the identification of its quality, thus ensuring optimal resource management and informed decision making in agricultural production.

Classify your fields and optimize your resources

Anticipate your purchasing needs

Plan the collection and schedule your campaign

Audit and obtain information on the fruit of your strategic purchases

"Increase the profitability and competitiveness of your company by making informed decisions"


Training in Quality of Products and Services

Specialized in training both in the field and in the warehouse, we offer training for our own or external personnel (ETT), focused on product quality, services and collection techniques with delivery of immediate certificates endorsed by the platform.

Identification and prevention of harvesting defects that affect the final quality of the fruit

Recognition of pests, diseases and non-commercial fruit for efficient classification and destruction

"Give your team the best tools to ensure optimal harvesting and processing"


Control of key internal processes

Outsource and audit key internal processes with our experts to ensure excellence at every stage, from receiving to shipping orders.

Quality controls of fruit coming from the field

Post packaging fruit quality identification

Correct labeling and packaging

"Implement comprehensive cargo reviews prior to shipment, anticipating complaints, avoiding cost overruns and loss of customer confidence"


Visit to international clients

We verify the quality of the fruit in the warehouses or platforms of your national and international clients, acting as an extension of your company.

We deliver detailed reports on both fruit quality incidents and erroneous packaging, labeling or documentation so that you can use them as negotiation and continuous improvement tools in your company.

"Resolve and manage complaints efficiently and maintain the trust of your clients by ensuring lasting business relationships"